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What is 3 on 3 Hockey?

This is open to all players at each level of the NAYHL.

A set of bumpers are positioned along the center red line or blue line which split up the ice so that two games can take place on one surface.

Translation: Two games going on at one time.

Each team will consist of 10-12 players total: 9 skaters and 1 goalie. Each game will be played for 60 minutes, running time. Teams will be determined based on the players who come for that session. This will be random but we will try to keep teams evenly matched.

There will be quick, one minute shifts. A horn will sound to signal each line change. During the change, the players skating back to the bench must leave the puck and the players replacing them will pick up the puck from where it was left.

There will be no stoppages of play. No off-sides. No icings. No checking. Penalties, however, will be called.

3 ON 3 hockey concept speeds up the game of hockey by reducing the size of the rink and taking out the lines.