Call-up Policy

Coaches are encouraged to call up players from lower-level teams whenever possible. 

Note: When a team will have fewer than ten (10) players, in addition to the goalie, the coach is required to call up one or more players from lower-level teams.

With proper communication, we should be able to reward many of the players who are working hard, attending all team practices, listening to their coaches, etc. Please insist that any player who will be unable to attend a game inform his coach one week prior to game day; this will enable coaches to make arrangements to reward a player from a lower level.

The following procedure must be followed in the case of call-ups: the shorthanded coach must call the head coach of the team directly below his team's level and ask that coach which of his players deserves the opportunity to play up. Coaches should not call lower-level players directly without first checking with the player's head coach.

Please remember that a player may only play up in six games during the course of the season. If the player plays up in seven or more games, they will no longer be permitted to play for his lower-level team unless a waiver is obtained from the Valley League. It is the responsibility of each coach to track their own players with regard to the number of times played-up.

Move-up policy: 

The move-up policy is used when there is an opportunity for a player or players to move to the next team level for the season. The process is similar as outlined for the call-up policy where the higher-level head coach reaches out the head coach of the lower team with the following additional steps:

  • The head coaches of both teams meet and agree on recommendations for player movement (Note: Players who are up-to-date on payments and registered appropriately with USA Hockey/Valley League will be given priority.)
  • The BOD reviews and vote on the recommended player movement 
  • The BOD notifies the head coaches of the decision on player movement


Note: A higher-level player (age or skill) cannot play for a lower level team

A player can play in a game for other teams in their program if the following criteria are met:

  • The team is at the same level or higher. (level 1, 2, 3, etc.) The team is the same age group and older. (Mites, Squirts, PeeWees and Bantams)
  • For example, A Mite 3 player can play a game with:
  • Mite 1, Mite 2, Mite 3, Squirt 1, Squirt 2, Squirt 3
  • But NOT with Mite 4, Squirt 4, etc.
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