General Guidelines

  • Players should arrive early for practice (20 minutes) and games (30 minutes.)
  • Players should be fully dressed 10 minutes before a game. Parents should not be in the locker room before games. Coaches need this time to go over lines and strategies before the players hit the ice.
  • Players should be fully dressed and ready before the start of practice.
  • For co-ed teams, players should arrive with their base clothing on. Should they need to change, they should do so in the bathroom area, not in the open locker room.

Parents are generally encouraged to remain outside of the locker room. We understand this is difficult for younger players who need help with their equipment. Help your child become self-sufficient by teaching them how to put on their equipment and skates together, as opposed to doing it for them. If you need to help your child, please do so quickly and leave the locker room as soon as possible. By the Pee Wee/12U Level, players are expected to be able to dress themselves.

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